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Add-to-Calendar link Generator
Generating links to events via your synced calendar, as easily as adding a mailto: link.
If this exists, please email me and tell me where.
This is a simple plugin that you can install in Gmail, Outlook, wherever you get emails. For reasons that I won’t get into now, I needed to add a button to a blog post template that read “add to calendar.” The problem was that all the solutions I could find involved robust calendar services (client wanted to keeop using his Google calendar), or required some coding. Even if I could hack together the code in this case, I wanted to hand it off to a non-techy person so he could add the event links to his posts moving forward. I wanted something as simple as “mailto:” with pre-filled subjects and so on. But rather than opening a new email, it would open your calendar app with a dialogue for a new event, all the details filled in.
So that’s the basic idea. As a user, you would add this plugin to your email client. It can be switched On/Off with a simple toggle. When switched on, every event modal will now appear with an added pair of CTAs that allow me to copy a link to that event or the entire series. The plugin reads the event details, generates the links, and delivers that data upon button/CTA/blog post click. That’s about it.
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