MVP: Maybe Viable Products
Service tricks you into calling Mom
Get notifications, and when you attempt to review them, turns out they are just like hitting the call button on your mom’s contact.
The problem: people with moms (parents) aren’t calling them enough.
I’m guilty of this one, hence the brilliant idea. Too often, I think about calling my mom only to get immediately distracted by another thought. It’s too easy to silence a reminder or simply forget. All of the sudden I haven’t talked to my mom in weeks, and that is just not okay. However, I have found that once I hit that button and send the call, I never turn back. I never make the decision to abandon a call, I only struggle with hitting send in the first place. So, why not develop a sneaky little service that tricks me into dialing my moms number and hitting send?The idea is simple, the execution is possibly impossible. We’ll ignore that for now. Basically, there is a set of notifications that I almost always open immediately. This service would pull a data set based on notification type, frequency, and open rate to determine wha the most successful traps would look like. It would like create a whitelabel bank of these notifications to serve up later.
A subscriber to this service would select how frequently they want to call Mom (or anyone), and when is the best time of day to do so, each day. The user must agree to allow this app to disguise itself as other apps (duh). When the time comes to call mom, the service accesses its bank of whitelabel notifications and fires one their way. The AI has determined that the user opens messages from boyfriend, James, within 2 minutes at a rate of 93%, so this particular notification shows up as a message from James.
The fun part: the user opens the message from James. But instead of seeing the Messages UI, the Phone app has opened and the user is already calling Mom. We all know hanging up quickly doesn’t stop Mom from receiving, at the very least, a missed call. In which case, she will do you the favor of returning the call—it’s a win win. Happy Mother’s Day.
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