MVP: Maybe Viable Products
Open source idea development
Post an idea and get feedback from the unfiltered world. Block excessive hate, validate an idea, collaborate further—whatever!
There’s no shortage of collaboration tools out there.
I use many of them frequently. In fact, this MVP could piggyback on some of them. For example, Google Docs is a perfectly capable document editor with loads of collaborative functionality. It may suit us well to use Docs as the foundation, and simply build a moderated hub for them to live. Perhaps the most MVP solution would be to open a Reddit community, with well defined guidelines, centered around ideas that are posted as public Doc links. This solution requires no development whatsoever, just really effective moderation. It goes without saying, however, that this solution limits us in terms of UI, UX, testing, analytics, and so on. For the sake of this idea, we want our own stadnalone product. Advantages and disadvantage aside, this allows us the luxuries of user profiles, a more identifiable user base, and more accurate analytics. If I were a new user, the ideal experience would go something like this:
A not-well-thought-out nice-to-have: Once an idea reaches a certain level of traction, it can be moved into a more elevated space with verified contributors—where you can take the idea to the next level. Get in what you put out: perhaps a user must contribute to 5 ideas before submitting a new idea. Probable issues: Spam, bots, bad actors, content overload (moderation limitations). Probable solutions: AI scans for flagging possible spam and blocking bad actors. Community elected moderators from one to the next.
General disclaimer: Ideas posted on here have not been vetted by anyone. They are just thoughts, not to be considered finished or even reasonably developed. Some may even overlap with existing products that I just don't know about yet. Sometimes, I put it in writing just so my brain can let go of it. In any case, feel free to grab an idea and run with it. I have no legal claim.
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