MVP: Maybe Viable Products
A college party app, because Facebook events are for the edlerly
Less invitations, more posters stapled to telephone poles. Post an event, set the rules, verified students get notified. UI responds to the action as hot or cold.
Come one, come all.
Facebook events are fine, but they may be better suited for existing friend circles, small-business events, and family gatherings—how else will everyone know who is bringing the ham? This app is a departure from that particular kind of mundane. It’s less focused on telling people what concerts your attending in 3 months, and more about whats happening nearby right now(ish), regardless of who your friends are online.
A journey might look like this: I sign up for the app, using my school ID to verify my location and status. Immediately, I enter my college/campus feed where I can see events that are happening on and around my campus. I’ll note that the purpose of this app is inclusion. Every event is open to anyone on the app. When I tap into an event, I can see the date, location, the rules ($5 at the door, BYOB, etc.) and a bit more about the party. I might then choose to RSVP, or move on. The other side of the coin is hosting. I would set up event details, add my rules, and post. As people RSVP, I get notified. My UI “heats up” with warm colors as more people RSVP to my events and as I commit to attending other events. When I avoid people and never host, my UI stays cool.
Whether I’m a host or an attendee, I don’t see the names of the people attending events, only they number of people going. The point is, at least intended to be, that it doesn’t matter who you are. You don’t get private invitations, it’s more like passing a flyer that’s stapled to a telephone pole and just showing up later.
General disclaimer: Ideas posted on here have not been vetted by anyone. They are just thoughts, not to be considered finished or even reasonably developed. Some may even overlap with existing products that I just don't know about yet. Sometimes, I put it in writing just so my brain can let go of it. In any case, feel free to grab an idea and run with it. I have no legal claim.
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